Sunday, November 2, 2008

Storyboard Jazz

This was an open assignment for storyboards class which i had fun with but didnt get to finish. value needs to be redone.

( oh p.s you have to read starting from the bottom of the post to top, I uploaded it in the wrong order lol.)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jelly for mah Belly

The interior layout was for the "calico martini " short our class is working on.
Watermelon couch is the courtesy of Sergey.

8th Nazgul

Part two of the assignment was to do the character, in this case, the 8th nazgul. My house style is of Tomer Hanuka. I love that man's work.

Character Design: Lord of the Mechs assignment

Here's line work for the Lord of the Mechs assignment. Wooo, I forgot about how much I hated inking but I truly enjoyed the challenge.


First image is compilation of ideas that were scrapped for the mcmillen scholarship. The rest are just some good ol' sketches.